Mountains, Zip Lining, Blizzards and Buffalo

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Mountains, Zip Lining, Blizzards and Buffalo

The past two weeks I've had some small, but fun adventures! One weekend I took my hubby on a fun getaway to Manitou Springs, Coloraod! This is an amazing little town, just about an hour from where we live. I'm embarrassed to say that I've lived in Colorado my entire life and I've never been to this town! While we were there, we went to the Cheyenne Zoo where I got to check something off my bucket list! I touched and fed a giraffe! Whaa????? Yes! That was actually on my bucket list. Giraffes, are so....awkward...but I've always loved them. To be able to touch one was absolutely amazing and I will admit that I was pretty giddy. My husband got that part on video!


We also did a Lantern Tour at Cave of the Winds. I had never been in an actual cave - again - weird since I live in Colorado. This was interesting! For a short portion of it, the walkway was so small, we had to be bent over the whole time while we walked. Some people crawled. It was super enclosed (not for those who tend to get claustrophobic or have heart problems) and only lit by the lanterns we held. The temp is a steady 54 degrees at all time and was pretty muggy. I've always enjoyed history (thanks to my dad), so this was packed with a lot of cool info from weird people in the late 1800's who liked to have parties and sleep in the cave we toured. No thanks - I preferred the old hotel we stayed at over the concrete floor.

We had so much amazing food - I can't even tell you. They had a chef at the hotel that was pretty darn good at his job! I had no qualms about all the food I was eating - it was that delicious. And the chef likes real butter. No wonder I liked the food so much!

Hubby and I also headed down to the infamous Royal Gorge - another place I have never been in all my 40 years of living in Colorado. It was breathtaking. We took the Gondola across the "gorge" and that took some faith on my part. Dangling from a cable in a heavy gondola with other people. Hmmmm....not the most comfortable feeling in the world! Then when we get to the other side, the love of my life tells me he wants to take the zip line back. What? The zip line that runs 2500 ft across and it 1200 ft above the ground. What? In no certain words I told him he was crazy. About 40 minutes later, I was zip lining across the Royal Gorge next to my love. I'm pretty sure they diffuse hallucinogens in the air as you get off the gondola - which is what made me change my unchangeable mind.

It was pretty amazing. I was flying 1200 feet off the ground and looking around at this amazing and beautiful place - and I actually enjoyed it! 

Like I said. It had to have been from drugs in the air.

Then we walked across the bridge that crosses the Royal Gorge - and my husband hated it. He didn't feel safe. Huh? You just rode a zip line (translation: dangled off a cable for 2500 feet) across this same canyon - but the bridge makes you nervous??? Whatever. I'm braver than him.

And that's how we ended that weekend - on a flying note - literally!

This past weekend, we took the whole crew (minus the sweet pup) up to Fairplay and stayed in a cabin. Nothing but three days of watching movies, playing games and hitting towns like Breckenridge, Alma, Buena Vista and Hartsel. We ate too many ice cream sandwhiches, drank lots of coffee (for me) and we hung out with cows and buffalo.

Did you hear that? I said buffalo! 

This animal is majestic. I've always seen them from a distance, but we had one come over to the fence when we were sightseeing - and they can frighten the bejeebers out of you if you're not confident in yourself. We now want to have a buffalo ranch and raise these free roaming beasts.

We finally headed home and picked up our puppy from my mom's house. She was exhausted from playing with her sister for three days.

And today as I'm writing this - we are in the middle of a blizzard. A true blizzard. Winds are reaching over 50 mph, snow is at least 24" high already and it's suppose to snow for 8 more hours. Yesterday it was 70 degrees. Today it is not. This is Colorado life!

I love nature! I love Colorado! 

If you ever get the chance, you should head this way for vacation. Summer, winter, spring or fall - you'll have the most amazing time. If you live here already, then get out of your house on the weekend and go do something spectacular!

See the world from a new perspective.

All I know is that it's beautiful from where I'm standing!

Enjoy your Spring Break!

xo Kari