"Thinking Clearly" Mentally Alert Kit

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"Thinking Clearly" Mentally Alert Kit


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SKU: EOB-019 / EOB-034 / EOB-045.

This kit contains the following blends: Le Crystal Clear, Le Focus, Le IQ, all containging synergestic properties to help your overall ability to focus, stay alert and think clearly. Le Crystal Clear is known for being nourishing to the nerves, helps balance hormones and is very effective to remember difficult information when studying. This is a great blend to help you organize your thought process. Le Focus increases mental alertness and helps lift that "foggy" feeling and can help reduce mental confusion. Another great oil for those during study time. Le IQ helps alleviate mental fatigue and increases mental alterness as well. This oil will keep you moving forward when you are overtired, but have no time to slow down. It's a wonderful aid in concentration and memory. Since Le IQ contains frankincense, sandalwood and helichrysum, oils high in swsquiterpenes, these cross the blood/brain barrier to cleanse, nourish and carry oxygen to the brains.

Weight: 0.075 lb