"Quiet Nights" Stop the Snoring Kit

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"Quiet Nights" Stop the Snoring Kit


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SKU: EOB-005 / EOB-014 / EOB-025.

This kits includes three amazing therapeutic grade esential oils that will transform your sleepless nights into quiet nights! This combination of oils is what I personally bought for my husband. After 15 years of marriage and snoring, things had become progressively worse, including possible sleep apnea. I was losing anywhere from 2-3 hours of sleep a night due to this issue. We tried many different solutions over the years, but nothing truly worked. He was frustrated and so was I. After I purchased the oils, I began applying them, diluted to his chest and back right before bed. From day one of him using the oils, the snoring stopped. He even seemed to breathe easier and not as 'heavy'. He now only applies the oils to his chest at night for good maintenance and the snoring is still gone from our nights!

These oils are great for the respitory system and a wonderful solution to snoring issues you may be having!

To use: apply a small amount of coconut or almond oil to the chest or back or both. Apply 2-4 drops of one oil, then massage into the skin. Immediately you can apply the next oil in the same manner until all three oils have been used.

Don't mix them altogether before applying, this will break down the synergestic properties and will not give you the desired results. However, "layering" blends is perfectly fine. Once an oil is applied, it is almost immediately absorbed due to their minute molecule size, so applying oils one after the other is very effective.

Weight: 0.075 lb