Society's Path of Mediocrity

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Society's Path of Mediocrity

Society's Path of Mediocrity


Do you follow the 'old school' way of things?

You know, whatever society is doing - you follow right along? Whatever they think, you agree. Whatever they tell you is right, is right. Whatever they say can't be done, is impossible. Whatever they do, is the only way.

I'm sure you wouldn't lump yourself into that category of people, but when you think about are right in the middle aren't you? You may be wondering how you got there, and the answer is simple: societal norms.

Yep. Those two words describe how society quietly snuck in your back door, very slowly, without you knowing, then set up camp in your house and you never protested.

Now, you live in the center of mediocrity in your relationships, your business...your life and it's time to break free from this disasterous mindset.

Most people do not purposefully want to live in mediocrity - they just end up there one day. Sure, you have those remnants that love the easy life of "que sera sera" and everybody doing all the work while they hang on the couch expending no energy towards a better life - but those are small numbers. Deep inside each person has a desire to succeed. To be amazing at something. To make a difference. To live an awesome and unforgettable life. I didn't say a perfect, hassle-free life, but an amazing life that serves others and leaves an impact on generations to come, so why are we seeing so many falling by the wayside doing nothing?

Unfortunately, the answer is society. I tell you what - I don't want this village raising my children.

In almost every facet of life, we are taught, told and trained to stick within the parameters of safe and risk-free living. Don't step out and do something new and innovative, if you fail your life is over. Don't think you can create a legacy and empire, that's a pipe dream. Don't think that the world of success has a place for you. Don't think you can create the life you want - you have to deal the cards you are handed. Don't enjoy your life now - you need to be worrying about your future. Never invest in your future, it's uncertain, live unrefrained in your spending now and let future generations deal with it. What??? Yes, an entire society and generation of people have fallen for these lies, hence, lives of mediocrity oozing out of every state line.

Who will join me (and countless others who refuse to live like this) for an uprising to break free from mediocrity into a life of success and unmatched potential? Success in your family, jobs, relationships, finances - every area of your life! Don't let other people tell you what you are capable of. Nobody knows that but you! Don't listen to the voices in society that actually encourages you to stay inside the "norm box" or "rat race of life" instead of truly living.

Stop lowering your standards to meet those of a visionless people. It is time for you to define your own identity so you don't stay or end up in a culture of people who are tired, unsatisfied, bored, without vision, who are blame-shifters and those who forever will need to rely on someone else to give them a paycheck.

1. Make a quality decision to live a different life. If you don't do this - nothing else you do will stick.

2. Stop making excuses.

3. Hook up with people who will make you grow and challenge you. It's time to leave those draining relationships behind.

4. Everyday do something that will move your toward your goal. No matter how big or small.

5. Remember, #2 - no excuses!

No matter what you do, everyday of this world that you wake up and have breath...

Laugh often. Love deeply. Live on purpose...everyday!