Seasoned Butter Roasted Potatoes

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Seasoned Butter Roasted Potatoes

I've been back in the kitchen again and have been trying out some new recipes. One of them is an amazing Swedish Butter Cookie that I am trying to perfect, but still needs some tweeking. Technically, I'm trying to make a copycat recipe of a cookie I get at our local Sedalia Bakery. Here's how they looked....they were delicious, but not exactly perfect. Once I get it mastered, I will post the recipe!

The cookie is divine.

Until then, though, I tried a new baked potato recipe! Not that it in any way can compare to a butter cookie, but it complimented our dinner, none the less!

We don't eat them much, but every now and then potatoes will make their way into our meal. Unfortunately, plain baked potatoes can be boring and my son complains when I make roasted potatoes, so I had to find something new.

Obviously, my daughter and I headed to Pinterest and found a delicious recipe that even my son liked! We copied the recipe from Eat Well down to a "T", so I'm going to go ahead and just link to the post and you can grab the recipe over there!

I do think I'd add more butter next time so it can really get inside the cut potatoe and get an amazingly buttery taste.

Because butter is amazing.

So, if you're looking for a new twist on a regular baked potato, I'd definitely try this out!

Now, if I can just get the butter cookie recipe down....

Live Beautiful!

xo Kari