Ocean In A Bottle (DIY Hair Shaper)

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Ocean In A Bottle (DIY Hair Shaper)

I live in Colorado, so having wavy hair produced by the saltiness of the ocean is, well, pretty slim.

Especially during the winter months when you have the possibility of sitting in 2 feet of snow for weeks at a time. Seriously. Last week we got an infamous Colorado spring blizzard. Did you hear me say blizzard? Which brought winds over 50 mph and over 2 feet of wet snow.

Beautiful? Yes.

Ideal for a person who loves sun and heat? No. 

Even today it's been snowing off and on all day. Now, I shouldn't complain too much, because I live in the coolest state ever and it can be cold and snowy today and warm, bright blue skies, melted snow and 70 degrees tomorrow. But, as of today, it's cold and snowy.

If you want to see a glimpse of what that means, you can see a pic in this post I wrote last week. You might also see some photos of giraffes and buffalo, but don't judge.

Back to hair.

For people like me, who would prefer to live on an island surrounded by palm trees and the ocean, but actually live surrounded by mountains and pine trees, we have to create the ocean inside a spray bottle to experience the coolness of wavy hair.

I’ve seen many different recipes, have tried quite a few, but found that this particular recipe that works better with my hair type. I’ve seen some that use coconut milk in lieu of water and I’m tempted to try it out, but think it may be too heavy for my fine hair since these sprays are all leave-in!

If you have fine, blond hair, I know you feel my pain right now. Oil or coconut milk can definitely weigh my hair down. Shoot, a light mist weighs my fine, blond hair down. It's a real struggle. Like trying to connect to bluetooth in the car to listen to your radio and you get so frustrated that it doesn't work, you actually forget there's a radio, cd player and two kids to keep you company. That kind of struggle.

Oh yea, back to hair.

If you have always wanted to find the perfect product to give you those ocean waves - no matter where you live - then try this one out. Remember to take into consideration your hair type. Is it thick or fine? Do you have a lot of hair, or is it lacking in the abundance department? Does your hair tend to get oily fast? Keep all these in mind when adding the oil, gel or conditioner and then watch how much you spray on your hair. It doesn’t take much to do it’s job! Always start with less, then add as you experiment.


Ocean In A Bottle aka Sea Salt Hair Shaper

What You Need:

- 1 tablespoon sea salt

- 1 cup of warm water

- 1 tablespoon conditioner, hair gel, moisturizing natural oil or a few drops of essential oil (if you have fine hair, or tend to have oily hair, decrease this amount or leave it out all together)

* I used coconut oil in my final recipe, but have also used Aveda Shampur conditioner as well

What You Do:

1. Place all the ingredients in a bottle with a fine mist sprayer.

2. Shake before each use. Here you have the option to adjust the recipe according to your specific hair type, condition and needs.

3. You can use this on wet or dry hair. Also, start with a little then add more if you want more wave. Starting with too much may end up leaving your head too oily or greasy!

*makes approximately 8 ounces

Go ahead! Even if you can’t get ocean wavy hair the authentic way - whip up some ocean in bottle and just go with it! You’ll look like you just stepped off a beach! Or out of a 4 foot snow mound in your front yard! Either way - waves are waves! Love 'em anyway you get them!

Until next time...Live on Purpose!

xo Kari