14 Day Smoothie Challenge & So Much More

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14 Day Smoothie Challenge & So Much More

Hey beautiful friends!


Again, I know it's been a while! I wrote you all around a month ago to update you on my "medical emergency" last September and where I am now. Thank you ALL for the emails and sweet words sent my way after you read it. I am surrounded by truly amazing people - some I have never even met in person - but love can be felt long distance - I can say that for sure!


This email will be short and sweet. I hope.


One of the things I am getting back into is having some of my ebooks, printed books and pdf's included in this amazing collaborative products by Ultimate Bundles. Several times a year they sell "bundles" of amazing information by topic. Photography, Homemaking, Small Business, Healthy Living and more! I have had the privilege of being a part of a couple of these the past couple of years and I am happy to say that their most current bundle, The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle, includes my Morning Makeover: 14 Day Smoothie Challenge! Woohoo! It's a wonderful challenge that will help you make over your mornings for a healthier start! There are 14 unique recipes, each includes a full color photo (I absolutely love photos when I am making recipes - helps me know if I did it right - haha!) I'm excited to have challenge as a part of this year's Ultimate Homemaking Bundle!


The bundle also contains 105 other resources...51 eBooks, 21 eCourses, 2 summits, 13 workbooks, 14 printables, 1 membership site and more - from a ton of amazing and talented peers! The total retail value for all these tools from these authors/speakers/teachers is $1989.70, but you won't pay that! And for those who purchase the bundle, there are 10 bonuses from businesses/bloggers/authors/etc. valued at $293. 


As always, the cost is only $29.97 for the entire bundle - a great deal indeed, and covers so many topics including: marriage, creativity (like photography), intentional living, motherhood, organizing, self-care, work-life balance, home, finances, faith and recipes! If you're an eReader fan, and you order the bundle today or tomorrow (April 26th or April 27th), you will get the free upgrade to also have everything available for your eReader! If you order after these two days, you can still get them in eReader form for just $10. You also will get immediate access to your bundle once you order!


If you'd like to check out what other resources are included in the bundle that you might be interested in, you can go here. If you are already familiar with these and know you'll love it, you can order your bundle here! It will only be available for a week, so if it looks like a must have for you, I'd grab your bundle today!


It's exciting to be back in the game a little more. It will require me to spend some more time on the computer than I have the past 7 months - haha - but it will be a nice introduction back into my life of health, recipes and getting amazing information out to you all!


Let me know if you have any questions about any of this! I'm here to help!


Have a wonderful Wednesday!


xo Kari